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MBCIA Strategic Plan

The MBCIA strategic plan is to encourage and promote professionalism by Building Officials through educational training, promoting the adoption of current national building codes, assert the influence for the effective and efficient uniformity and use of National Building Codes.


• Goal A: Fostering Public Safety, Health and Welfare through professionalism Communicate to the public, elected and government officials the role of Building Officials. Encourage uniformity of Code enforcement. Promote public awareness of the importance of up to date National Model Building Codes.


• Goal B: Promoting Building Officials as knowledgeable, competent and authoritative Public Safety Officials Communicate to the Public and elected officials the role of the Building Officials in developing codes that safeguard Public health, safety and welfare. Communicate to the Public and elected officials of the requirements of certification of Building Officials to current National Building Code Standards. To promote the uniformity of Building Officials to make sound decisions based on sound facts. Expand Building Officials knowledge of the basis for code requirements.


• Goal C: Expand Educational Opportunities to Chapter Members Promote education for new Code Official Managers (ie: Inspector of Buildings/Building Commissioners). Expand Land Use Training (zoning, subdivision and environmental law). Increase educational opportunities offered by ICC. Increase educational opportunities offered by MBCIA. Maintain high level of education.


• Goal D: Expand Member Services Develop new member handbook. Encourage and foster increased communication among other Chapter.

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